The Tynan-Eyre Epilepsy Monitoring Ward at the Alfred Hospital

ALFRED-FRONT-(1).jpg     Epilepsy is a condition that affects many Victorians and has no age discrimination. Children are often born with epilepsy even though seizures don’t occur until later. Medication can control the disease but a surgical cure is often not possible. But the Epilepsy Monitoring Ward at the Alfred is using state of the art technology, and the resources of the MRI unit to provide patients with a selective, surgical cure for the disease. Funding by the Blue Ribbon Foundation has enabled the Ward to purchase the equipment necessary to selectively locate the brain area from which seizures emanate. In its first year of operation, surgeons were able to provide a total cure to just over 80% of the patients attending the Ward. Their target is to provide a cure for more than 8,000 epilepsy sufferers in the years ahead thereby enabling them to live full and productive lives.

The Tynan-Eyre Epilepsy Monitoring Ward at the Alfred was dedicated as a Police Memorial in memory of Constables Steven Tynan & Damian Eyre who were murdered at Walsh Street, South Yarra on October 12th, 1988.