The John McNally Emergency Department at Ararat Hospital

In 2003 works commenced on a complete redevelopment of the Ararat Hospital and the Victoria Police Blue Ribbon Foundation was able to contribute to the re-building of the emergency department. This was completed as a joint project in partnership with the local community through the Ararat Barnch of the Blue Ribbon Foundation. Today the Ararat Hospital Emergency Department can provide state of the art emergency & trauma care to the people of Ararat and surrounding districts. This project, commissioned as a Police Memorial in May 2004, was the first stage in a continuing relationship with the community of Ararat and their public hospital.

Sergeant John McNally became the first member of Victoria Police to be feloniously slain in the line of duty when he was murdered at the Mt Ararat goldfields on 16th October, 1856. Whilst trying to arrest a suspect over a string of armed robberies an associate of the suspect intervened and fired his shotgun, killing Sergeant McNally and seriously injuring his partner, Constable John Moore. Sergeant McNally's sacrifice is acknowledged through this an other projects installed at the Ararat Hospital.