The Eyre/Tynan Emergency Department at Goulburn Valley Hospital, Shepparton

Goulburn Valley Health (Shepparton Hospital) is the largest public health provider in the Hume region. To keep pace with the grwoing needs for modern health care the hospital received a redevlopment of its emergency department and the Victoria Police Blue Ribbon Foundation was proud to contribute $250,000 towards the purchase of new equipment. This project was undertaken jointly with the local community through the Shepparton Branch of the Victoria Police Blue Ribbon Foundation. The revamped emergency department was provided with a new ambulance bay, three additional emergency treatment areas, a Short Stay Unit and overall improvements to existing facilities including staff and public areas. The Shepparton Branch continues its work in the community so that further facilities can be installed in local public hospitals.

The Eyre-Tynan Emergency Department at Shepparton Hospital is named in memory of Constables Damian Eyre and Steven Tynan who were murdered at Walshe Street, South Yarra on October 12th, 1988. Constable Eyre, who grew up in Shepparton, joined his father and brother as members of Victoria Police.