Brimblecombe, Ann

Senior Constable

Senior Constable Ann Jane Brimblecombe was on duty and travelling from Wangaratta to Mitta Mitta when her vehicle ran off the Omeo Hwy about 2.5 km south of Eskdale and hit a tree. Senior Constable Brimblecombe was a Bicycle Education Officer and was on her way to give a lecture at the time of the collision. Police believe she left Wangaratta at 7:30am and her vehicle was discovered by a local farmer about 11am. Senior Constable Brimblecombe died at the scene. She was stationed at Wangaratta for 10 years and was not married. She joined Victoria Police in 1979 and worked at Force Reserve in Russell Street before being stationed at Kew. In 1981 she was stationed at the Russell Street Policewomen’s division. She also served in the former Y District Community Police Squad in Melbourne’s east and was promoted to Senior Constable in 1985. She returned to Force Reserve in 1993 before transferring to Wangaratta in 1995.