Clarke, Tony

Senior Constable

In the early hours of Sunday, 24th April, 2005 Senior Constable Tony Clarke of the Knox Regional Traffic Task Unit was on patrol on the Warburton Highway. It is alleged that S/C Clarke intercepted a vehicle and was about to administer a preliminary breath test when at some point the driver of the vehicle managed to gain posession of S/C Clarke's gun. The driver fatally wounded S/C Clarke and then stole the police car and absconded. Other police members working in the area discovered S/C Clarke's body a short time later and raised the alarm. The stolen police vehicle was later found near Lilydale. The driver's body was located in nearby bushland, where he had apparently committed suicide using S/C Clarke's gun. S/C Clarke was described as an efficient and dedicated police member who was highly regarded by his colleagues and superiors.


Page, Rennie

Senior Constable

On the morning of Tuesday, 26th April , 2005, Senior Constable Rennie Page of the Benalla Traffic Management Unit was conducting traffic patrol duties on the Hume Highway near Benalla. He intercepted a vehicle which parked on the left-hand shoulder of the Highway. S/C Page was speaking to the driver when a vehicle travelling north struck him at high speed, fatally wounding him.