Bourke, Clare Frances

Constable, 23083

Shortly after 1 a.m. on Wednesday, 16th March 1983, Constable Bourke, who was performing watch-house duties at the Sunshine Police Station, was accidentally shot dead by Senior Constable Duffy, 20265, of the Police Dog Squad. Duffy had completed his duties for the evening and was returning his revolver at the time of the incident. He had unloaded the weapon but, in an attempt at a practical joke, had placed what he believed to be a "blank" round into the firearm. The revolver was then discharged and Bourke was fatally wounded.


Forsythe, Lindsay

Senior Constable

On Wednesday 22nd June, 1983, Senior Constable Lindsay Forsythe responded to a report that lights had been seen in an unoccupied house in Maldon. On arrival he was ambushed and fatally shot by a person who had been laying in wait for him.

The offender was later caught and was sentenced to life imprisonment.


The Victoria Police Star was awarded posthumously to Senior Constable Lindsay James Forsythe  who was tragically murdered during the course of his duties at Maldon on 22nd June, 1983.