Cygan, Harry

Constable, 19672

At about 11.30 a.m. on Monday, 19th April 1982, Constable Cygan was performing wide-load escort duty along Heatherton Road, Springvale, when his motor cycle skidded after running through an oil slick on the road surface. The machine failed to respond to his efforts to control it, and it slid into an oncoming vehicle, fatally injuring Cygan.


Henry, Stephen

Senior Constable

At about 11.30am on Thursday 29th January 1982, Senior Constable Stephen Edward Henry was on duty riding his motorcycle along the Hume Highway at Wandong near Seymour. Senior Constable Henry attempted to intercept a motor car being driven recklessly. Unknown to him, the man was driving a stolen car and had committed many serious offences in Melbourne during the previous two days. He was also an escapee from a Sydney Psychiatric Hospital. Senior Constable Henry received massive head wounds when shot with a high powered rifle. Although mortally wounded, the Senior Constable attempted to use his radio to alert colleagues. In fact the offender was intercepted by other police whom he fired on in an unsuccessful attempt to avoid apprehension. Senior Constable Henry died on the morning of March 1st 1982, without regaining consciousness. Senior Constable Henry joined the Victoria Police as a police cadet in February 1972, graduating on 16th October 1973. He had previously served at Collingwood and Heidelberg Police Stations and was held in very high regard by his commanders and colleagues. In 2003, two new facilities to be installed at the community hospital in Colac by the Victoria Police Blue Ribbon Foundation will be named in memory of Senior Constable Stephen Henry.