Curson, Norman

Senior Constable

At about 3.20 pm on Tuesday, 8th January, 1974 Senior Constable Curson was standing on the steps at the main entrance to Flinders Street Railway Station talking to a newspaper seller. Whilst they spoke a young woman came up and spoke to the Constable, who turned towards her. At that moment, James Henry Belsey, walked up behind him, produced a knife, and cut the policeman's throat. As Curson slumped to the footpath, Belsey calmly walked away, crossed Flinders Street and entered Young & Jackson's Hotel. He was arrested a short time later. Meanwhile, Curson had been removed to Prince Henry's Hospital with a massive wound to his throat and died two hours later. It was later learned that Belsey had a lengthy history of mental disorder, and had frequently threatened to kill a policeman. He was charged with Curson's murder but acquitted on the grounds of insanity, and was then sentenced to be detained at the Governor's pleasure.


Large, Alan Michael

Senior Constable, 15507

At 11.10 p.m. on Tuesday the 16th of April 1974, Senior Constable Large was riding a police motorcycle on routine patrol along the Northern Highway, heading towards Kilmore. When some 60 yards from the intersection of the Hume Highway he attempted to overtake a horse float being driven in the same direction. As he did so a Volkswagon sedan turned from the Hume highway into the Northern Highway. The headlights of the oncoming vehicle temporarily blinded him, and his motor cycle struck the offside of the horse float. He rebounded off that into the path of the Volkswagon and was killed instantly.