Mannix, Frank James

First Constable 9736

On Saturday January 14, 1967, following a cricket game at Woomelang, a number of young men from Wycheproof returned to the town affected by alcohol. After the hotel closed at 10 pm, two of them went to a local cafĂ© for a meal. Whilst there, one of the youths was told by his father to go home. The young man was affected by alcohol, and when it was suggested he be driven, he became argumentative and aggressive. A scuffle developed, and a number of other people became involved. First Constable Mannix, who was in uniform, attended at the scene. He tried without success to pacify the youth. Whilst at the scene Mannix had a heart attack and collapsed. He was taken to the local hospital, but was dead on arrival. The young man’s 57-year-old father returned home and died of a heart attack that same night.