McInnes, Angus

Constable, 5785

At about 7 p.m. on Saturday, 25th November 1916, Constable McInnes, in company with other mounted police, was riding along Spring Street, Melbourne having spent the day on duty at Flemington Races. Whilst in Spring Street his horse shied and then bolted, and at a point opposite the Old Treasury Buildings he fell head first from the saddle and received a fractured skull. He was removed to the Alfred Hospital but died two hours later. The horse he had been riding at this time had a bad reputation, and it was said it would "gallop at the sight of a covered wagon" and had "no mouth". McInnes was also regarded as an indifferent rider, and this combination obviously contributed greatly to his death.


Tennant, John

Senior Constable, 3802

At about 4.15 p.m. on Tuesday, 24th October 1916, Senior Constable Tennant was a passenger in a Ford motor car which was being driven along the Dalyston Road, Kilcunda. At that time the vehicle developed a steering fault, ran off the road and overturned, crushing and killing the Constable. The car had been hired from the Powlett Hotel, Wonthaggi, to take Tennant to Kernot to make enquiries and was on the return journey when the accident happened.