Holt, Thomas

Senior Constable Retired, 2775

On the 15th February 1893, Senior Constable Holt was investigating a case in the vicinity of Bailieston, about five miles from Nagambie, when his horse swerved to avoid a flock of sheep which ran into its path. This dislodged Holt from the saddle, but one of his feet was caught in a stirrup, and as the horse gyrated wildly he was tossed around violently and received internal injuries. From that day his physical condition progressively declined, and he was finally forced to resign because of his ill-health. He died on the 25th September, 1893.


Slattery, James Paul

Constable, 4260

Constable Slattery commenced duty at 5 p.m. on the 24th March 1893, after which he set off to go to a Magistrate to get some documents signed. In doing so he had to cross the local rail line. He got over the fence and walked across the rails at Dover Street, Newmarket, instead of using the overhead bridge, and was knocked down by the 5.19 p.m. Essendon to Melbourne train, and died soon afterwards.