Hull, Thomas

Sergeant, 577

At about 2.30 pm on Friday, 20th November, 1868 Sergeant Hull came upon Constable Martin Conway and Constable Michael Flanagan arguing outside the police barracks at Hamilton. Flanagan had been dismissed from the Force that day for persistent drunkenness, and blamed his colleagues for the loss of his job. Hull spoke to Flanagan for a short time, after which the disgruntled Constable stormed off to his quarters, then returned almost immediately with his service revolver. He raised the weapon and shot Sergeant Hull twice. Conway, who had been standing nearby, grappled with Flanagan, and was able to subdue him with the assistance of another member. Hull died half an hour later, and Flanagan was charged with his murder. He was convicted the following March, sentenced to death, and was hanged at Melbourne Gaol on the morning of the 31st March, 1869. As a last resort he was allowed to go to the gallows in his old Mounted Constables uniform.