Hanson, William

Constable, 574

At 9 a.m. on 2nd June 1864, Constable Hanson assisted a doctor to carry out a post-mortem at Scarsdale. The doctor noticed Hanson had a cut on his skin and told him to take care. That same night the Constable slept restlessly and suffered from pain in his throat and head. The following day he developed a fever. He died on the 7th June 1864, and the verdict at his inquest was that he had died from 'absorption of matter into his system' whilst assisting as a post-mortem on 2nd June, 1864


McElveen, John

Constable, 1647

At about 9 p.m. on the 5th October 1864, Constable McElveen attempted to cross a flooded bridge over a creek in the Eltham area when he, his troop horse, and a man named Alfred Hooper accidentally fell into the flooded waters. Both men were drowned. McElveen had been conveying voting papers from Whittlesea to Eltham Police Station, and as he was unsure of the route, and because the night was dark and stormy, he had enlisted Hooper as a guide.