O'Boyle, Daniel

Constable (1678)

Shortly after 7.00 am on Tuesday, 4th August, 1863 O'Boyle was supervising whilst James Murphy, a prisoner on remand for horse stealing, cleaned the Warrnambool Court House. O'Boyle had knelt down to light the fire when Murphy struck him on the head with a 3 point (1.5kg) masons hammer, inflicting massive head injuries. O'Boyle was beyond medical help and died at 4.50 am the following morning. After he struck the fatal blow Murphy calmly walked from the Court House and made good his escape. The Constable's body was located some minutes later, and the hunt began. Despite the large number of people used in the search Murphy evaded capture for two days, being finally arrested at a farm 25 miles from Warrnambool at 2.00 pm on Thursday, 6th August, 1863. Murphy was soon convicted of the Constable's murder, and he was hanged on the 6th November, 1863 at Geelong Gaol.


Strahan, Robert

Constable, 1126

On the 4th April 1863, Constable Strahan was performing duty in the Seymour area when a prisoner in police custody escaped and swam the Goulburn River. Strahan crossed the river in a boat, and with other police pursued and soon recaptured the offender. He then started to re-trace his steps, and accepted a lift in a passing dray. As they crossed at a nearby ford they got into difficulties and both the Constable and the driver were drowned.


Taylor, Robert Crofton

Superintendent, 2nd Class

Shortly after 11 p.m. on the 25th September 1863, Superintendent Taylor was accidentally shot dead whilst he was cleaning his revolver at his home address.