Barnett, Edward

Senior Constable

Senior Constable Barnett was murdered soon after 1.00 am on Monday, 1st February 1858, at the White Hills Goldfield near Carisbrook. He had been attempting to arrest William Brook, who had just shot and killed a restaurateur named Charles Lopez during a bungled attempted robbery. Brook, who had been severely wounded in a struggle with Lopez, fired at Barnett whilst attempting to escape, and one of his bullets struck the policeman in the heart fatally wounding him. The murderer's efforts were in vain, however, for he was soon arrested, and died later that same day from stab wounds inflicted by Lopez. The deaths of Lopez and Barnett enraged a local community already incensed by the actions of the 'undesirable elements' who had been attracted to the rush and who preyed on the diggers. Later that day a crowd of some 1500 miners assembled, and the 'undesirables' became a target for their vengeance. The meeting soon developed into a riot during which numerous buildings were destroyed and people assaulted before peace was re-established.


Cabot, Philip


Cabot was a crew member on H.M.C.S.S. Victoria, which was then under police control for administrative purposes. Whilst the vessel was at King Island on 30th September 1858, he was reported as having been "drowned in the execution of his duty". The exact circumstances of his death are unknown.


Logan, Robert


At about 5 p.m. on the evening of Monday, 30th August 1858, Constable Logan left Harcourt Police Station to patrol the road leading to the Porcupine Police Station. At about 6 p.m. that day Harcourt police were notified that Logan had been killed as a result of a fall from his horse, which had bolted whilst on the Sandhurst Road near Porcupine Creek.