Henderson, Andrew

Constable of Crowlands

About 6.00 am on Friday August 3, 1854, Constable Henderson left the police barracks at Crowlands to round up the police horses, which were grazing on the opposite bank of the Wimmera river. The horse he rode was known to have a tendency to stumble.   About 9 am a local man found his riderless mount wandering near the town. The horse was soaking wet and a stirrup leather was gone. Local police searched for Henderson until nightfall, without success. Early the next morning his body was found in the river, about half a mile from the township. He had a number of severe contusions about the head, which had apparently been inflicted by his horse when it fell whilst fording the river.


Hogan, William


Between 8 p.m. and 9 p.m. on the evening of 26th February, 1854, Constable Hogan and Constable Will Stafford were performing duty at the Sandridge Jetty, on the lookout for smugglers. It was a dark and stormy night, and Hogan accidentally fell into the waters of Hobsons Bay and was drowned.


Lindsay, Robert

Constable of Sandhurst

About 4 pm on August 8 1854 Constable De Laird was on duty with Lindsay, guarding four prisoners working on a tent near the gaol. The prisoners were inside the tent with De Laird, and Lindsay was on guard outside. De Laird then heard a gun shot. He went outside and saw that Lindsay had accidentally shot himself in the right arm. He was unable to go to his assistance because he had to stop the prisoners, who tried to escape. Lindsay was taken to hospital, where owing to the nature of the wounds it was decided that the only option was to amputate his arm. This was done, but Lindsay died the following day.