Gray, Edward

Constable of Beechworth

On the afternoon of August 5, 1853, a party of police began crossing the One Mile Creek outside Wangaratta. They used a log bridge that stretched from bank to bank, a distance of some 60 feet. At this time some bullock drays forded the stream, and a pair of new boots fell off a dray into the water. Constable Gray stripped to the waist, entered the creek, and began looking for the boots. Sergeant Major Quirk twice ordered him to get out, but Gray seemed not to hear him. He began to swim in the icy waters, and then appeared to get a cramp. He struggled violently to get out, and then sank without a trace. Quirk jumped in to save him, but had to get out because of the strong current. The police party searched until dark, without success. The body was found at 7 am the next day.


Mullaly, Daniel

Constable of Junction Station

About 11am on December 3,1853, Mullaley left the Sandhurst camp driving a heavily laden horse and dray. The dray was packed high, and Mullaly was sitting upon the front driving, accompanied by Constable Peter McLeod. On going down the hill close to the camp two of the bags on which Mullaly was sitting rolled off, and he with them. The bag on which McLeod was sitting also rolled off. When McLeod got to his feet he saw Mullaly stand up. Not thinking that he was seriously hurt McLeod went to stop the horse, which was walking away. He then saw Mullaly walk to the side of the road and sit down. He seemed to bend to one side of his body, and told McLeod that the wheel of the cart had gone over him. McLeod immediately reported the accident to the Sergeant Major, and Mullaly was carried to the camp hospital, where he died at 3 o’clock that afternoon.