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New Hospital Memorial for Inglewood

The Bendigo Branch of the Blue Ribbon Foundation has donated funds to create a Patient Transition Unit at the Inglewood & Districts Health Service. The Unit provides a service for patients with a range of conditions, from debilitation to long stays in hospital. The Unit provides a home-like environment where medical and rehabilitation staff can assess a patient's ability to cope when they return home. In addition it provides staff with the ability to provide patients with training for their condition and to recommend changes in the home environment that will make living for the patient easier and safer. The Inglewood & Districts Health Service is allied with Bendigo Health so this new facility is available to patients across a wide geographical area.
It should be noted that Blue Ribbon Foundation funds for this unit resulted from the John Forbes 20-20 Cricket Match a few years ago, an Inside Story presentation in Inglewood and a generous donation by the Inglewood & Districts Community Bank.
The Unit has now been operational for some time and is in constant use.
Constable Charles Elwood Hornibrook (4124) - On the night of 17th May, 1902 Constable Hornibrook was returning from a job at Logan when he became dismounted from his horse and was discovered unconscious the next morning by a local farmer. He was taken home to Rheola but died a short time later.
He was laid to rest at the Sandford Cemetery, alongside his father and mother.
Not much is known about his wife and four young children beyond this point.