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Paul Moore


 Country raised and now Melbourne city based, Paul has a good understanding of the dynamics between rurally-based committees and their relationship with metropolitan 'head offices'. He has a strong passion for the Foundation and the works that it does, not only driven by a personal link through his father but also from a professional sense. He was directly involved with the Victoria Police Blue Ribbon Foundation project in his father's name, so understands the significant impact these initiatives can have on families of those past. 

Paul is tertiary qualified with a Bachelor of Management and Bachelor of Applied Science/Human Movement degrees, and currently holds a Certificate in Fundraising and an Organisational Membership from the Families Institute of Australia.
As the youngest son of Senior Constable Maurice Moore (22471) who was killed in the line of duty in 1986, he competed in the Cairns Ironman in 2013 and in the process raised $20,000 for the Victoria Police Blue Ribbon Foundation. He became an Ambassador for the Foundation the same year and then a founding member of the Maryborough Branch that launched in 2014.