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Leo Kennedy


 Leo is the proud great grandson of Sergeant Michael Kennedy, VP 2009. He also knows  first-hand the far reaching effects a death in the performance of duty can have on a family.  He appreciates the beneficial effects of the benevolence and great work of the Victoria Police Blue Ribbon Foundation and their members can have on a bereaved family.  

Since 2013 he has been actively involved with the Victoria Police Blue Ribbon Foundation.  Firstly, through the restoration of the police graves and monument in Mansfield; and since that time as Independent Secretary to the Foundation. 
He  provides  advice on governance, risk and compliance, including financial and regulatory reporting matters and controls.
Born at Rushworth, Australia, Leo is married with two children.
Leo is a career accountant and lawyer; with over 30 years’ experience in: chartered accounting banking, finance and technology.  Beginning his career as an Auditor at Deloitte, he has held senior roles in Accounting, Management and Governance Risk and Compliance. These include roles in: NAB Finance and Strategy; and NAB Governance and Legal and Defence Bank.  
Leo is currently Risk and Compliance Manager at Kinetic IT who manage Victoria Police’s IT.