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Debra Bateman


 Associate Professor Debra Bateman is a keen and active member of the Blue Ribbon family. Since her husband, Senior Constable Mark  BATEMAN's death in 2000, she has successfully raised two wonderful young teenagers, completed a PhD about young people and their visions for the future, and successfully developed a strong  research profile internationally. Debra is especially grateful for the  ongoing support of the Victoria Police network and the Blue Ribbon  Foundation, not only in the acknowledgement of her husband's death, but more especially for their commitment to creating stronger community connections. 

Debra is currently employed at RMIT University, also a keen supporter of the Blue Ribbon Foundation. She is a member of the RMIT Council (Board) and Deputy Dean, Learning and Teaching of Global, Urban and Social Studies. Debra is engaged in initiatives both locally and globally that advocate justice, social care and aspirations for preferable futures.
Given the remarkable journey that she has travelled since her inclusion in the Blue Ribbon Foundation, she has committed to giving back and generating a renewed sense of purpose and celebration of all that is associated with community, Victoria Police and the Blue Ribbon Foundation.